Friday, December 20, 2013

Hoops: No Reinstatement for Hairston

Bye bye PJ

Ugh. A likely-to-be-tough season (despite the 3 big wins thus far) just got a lot, lot tougher.

Nobody knows the story yet, but, given Hairston's recent history, the part of me that doesn't care that much about winning is rather happy to see him go. I agree with Roy that, when a kid makes a mistake, it's not a good idea to summarily take away the one thing he's good at...but that point only goes so far.

PJ seems to have some pretty bad judgment, and he's brought shame on the program. Given that he was our leading scorer, this probably means another year of mediocrity... But, not yet knowing the whole story, I'm guessing that the university and the NCAA made the right call on this one.


Blogger Dark Avenger said...

Merry Christmas, Winston. Hope you and Johnny Quest are having a good holiday this year.

11:05 AM  

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