Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Obama Orders Release of Report Justifying Air Strike in Syria


Goddamn it.

I don't see any alternative to moving this option onto the table in a serious way.

Brace yourselves...  Obama sucks because he is just Bush and this is his Iraq is about to replace the previous internet favorite Obama sucks because he said that chemical weapons were a red line and then ignored it when they were used...

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Blogger tehr0x0r said...

I have issues on all sorts of grounds with an intervention.

First, history, with perhaps the exception of Libya, doesn't support the idea that the United States can intervene with single limited strikes. Especially when the conflict has gotten to the size and level that this one has I don't see how we won't get dragged further into this mess. Who knows just how serious Assad is about striking back but the reality of it is that he probably can at least threaten the ships that are going to conduct this strike. At that point we very reasonably have to defend the ships. But that won't be the end of it, at that point the war hawks will go on and get people fired up about the fact that we were attacked and how we must respond with even more force to show we won't be bullied.

Second, even if we don't get dragged into a larger conflict by a response from Syria there is still the issue of actually getting these chemical weapons out of the hand of the Syrian Government. We can probably destroy the delivery systems without to much trouble, but the weapons themselves present a larger issue. You can just bomb huge tanks of chemical weapons and hope that none of them escape the fiery destruction. If you are wrong then WE actually end up being the ones who caused people to get gassed.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, why are chemical weapons a red line. Prior to the use of chemical weapons hundreds of thousands had died, here we have a case were a good number more are added to that toll, but how is this any worse than running tanks into a residential area and killing hundreds that way? Chemical weapons are bad, that's for sure, but so is putting a tank shell into a home. At the end of the day the citizens are dead, I'm not really sure that the people who are dead care so much about how they died.

As a closing note, this all goes out the window if you think we are the worlds parents who need to step in and stop our "kids" aka the rest of the countries in the world from fighting. But if you think that, shouldn't we have gotten into this much sooner? Sure parents might let kids argue and even fight it out a little to see if they can sort things out on their own, but at the point that someone gets a bloody nose or broken bone you have got to step in. Anyway, I'm personally fairly sure that we aren't the parents of the world, and if we are, child services needs to come check in on how we are doing and probably should remove the kids from our care.

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