Monday, May 13, 2013

Internet Feminism and the "SJW"s

An imperfect but decent takedown, despite an unnecessarily crass simile to start things off, and though there's much more to say. (Also the point about sexism and sexual dimorphism is botched.) 

I, too, have noticed/mentioned the similarity between original sin and the treatment of "privilege" by internet F/SJWs.

The last round of serious crazy we got from the lefter-than-liberal left was the PC movement of the '90's. That was largely a campus phenomenon, whereas this latest round of crazy seems to be almost entirely an internet phenomenon. The PCs became a joke before mostly dying out...but they did leave us with certain harmful artifacts of their existence..  For example, the cultural tic of piously declaring anything that raises one's political hackles "offensive." The extreme internet feminists and SJWs are already jokes, but I doubt that they'll fade away immediately. We may have to put up with their nattering for a few more years...

American liberals, used to fighting only against the right, tend to be hesitant to criticize the illiberal left. Perhaps extremist feminism and "SJW" craziness will help them get over that lamentable tendency. I'm particularly disappointed that liberal feminists don't speak up against the illiberal leftist feminists. It's largely that failure that motivated me to stop classifying myself as a feminist. Well, that's pretty much what got so many college students, including college women, to stop doing so. So I'm hardly alone there.


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