Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The "Online Mean Girls Club"

Or "crazy girls' club" as I'd rather put it...

Sensible post on online feminism by Sadie Smith.

I don't agre with her about 'cis.' I mean, she is, I think, wrong to say that it's an insult or an affront...it's just stupid, like so much PC terminology. It'll die out like 'co' and 'cos' and other ear-offending lefty terminology. So, yeah, it's dopey, but I can't agree that it's insulting.

It's too bad that feminism is crashing and burning like this. I remember, back in the day, when it was full of promise, a sensible, rational, liberal movement. There are still a lot of good people and good thoughts out there, though they tend not to be represented by the loudest voices. Nevertheless, I have full faith that the level-headed core of the movement will continue to make progress, and will still be here ten years from how, after the current wave of loons has burned out. The PCs of the '90s flamed out spectacularly--though, sadly, not until after bequeathing us a renewed conservativism. Thanks, guys! Anyway, so, too, will this wave of extremists pass away.

And, on the bright side: they're just annoying, they're not really dangerous. And that's not true with every political movement...

However, in case you think that American conservatism is dead: well...it isn't. Among the many things that might/will help breath life back into it...or...raise it...back to undead status...so it can ...rampage across the...well...you see what I'm trying to say here...is this crap. There's little that drives people into the arms of the right faster than the wild-eyed, shrill cant of uber-lefties all hopped-up on self-righteousness. If you doubt that, check out the early pages of David Brock's The Right-Wing Noise Machine sometime, in which he ponders how he, a basically reasonable dude, ended up being a right-wing propagandist. The answer: he got so fed up with being brow-beaten by shrill lefties at Berkeley that the right started to look like a bastion of reason to him. Imagine that if you can...

I'd like to see sensible liberals be better about standing up to these people, but they just don't seem to have it in 'em. Well, who knows? People can surprise you sometimes...


Anonymous Bacon Attack said...

"Imagine that if you can..."

I can.

9:26 PM  

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