Sunday, March 17, 2013

ACC Tournament Championship Game Halftime: Heels 41-Canes 44


As Dean would say, this is a great game if you don't care who wins...

Carolina just played one of its best halves of the year and is down by 3. With the exception of a few short stretches, Miami just can't seem to miss, especially Larkin, and especially from 3. If the Heels weren't hitting unusually well from 3, this would be ugly. I don't see how this shooting can last, but one way or another, this is a good Miami team. I fear our shooting is more likely to give out than theirs...

I wish they'd call the game a bit closer, but it's within specs.

And God bless Joel James who is out there trying hard and giving us a big body on the floor.I like that kid.


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