Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Po-Mo Wingnut Watch:
"Alternate Reality" Edition


You just simply cannot make this stuff up.

Crazy Chuck Krauthammer writes:
What Fox did is not just create a venue for alternative opinion. It created an alternate reality.
Take that, reality-based community.


Blogger The Mystic said...

I've never read anything Krauthammer ever wrote. In fact, I only knew who he was from your references.

This time, I decided I'd click the link and see something he's written. Mistake.

I thought the article was a joke for the first two paragraphs. I kept waiting for a punchline, but he's serious. Wtf!? Where do you find these people and why do you waste your time reading their shit? Damn.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Erik said...

If we might take the alternate universe theory and run with it... I guess the implosion of the Fox News brand of Republican means their alternate universe had a closed geometry and is now approaching its Big Crunch?

3:20 AM  

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