Friday, July 28, 2006

Perception of Media Political Bias

Some commentary on a study, summarized by Drum.

Meant to link to this long ago, but dropped it. I'm extremely interested in this kind of cognitive science. From a practical perspective, though, it's hard to correct for such reactions. I suppose that goes without saying. But such information is not useless. What it tells us is that our snap judgments about such things are unreliable.


Blogger Azael said...

The belief that you're doing OK if both sides hate you has always struck me as infantile. Vedantam is right: maybe one side's criticisms are right. More to the point, maybe both sides' criticisms are right. It's quite possible to write something so bad that everyone has a legitimate beef.

That's always been my opinion about centrist n' such. I'm sure there are real middle of the roaders out there, but for the most part I just see them as taking the viewpoint of equal hatred means balance of opinion. It's easy enough to be a centrist, splitting the opinion and be equally wrong as those on either end of the extreme.

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