Sunday, October 02, 2022

Important New Paper Challenges IPCC on Climate Sensitivity

As always, I acknowledge that I'm in no position to make the kinds of judgments that experts make on AGW. But, from the perspective of a well-informed layperson, it's pretty clear that "the science" is not "settled." 
My own view is, of course, that the view being represented as the consensus is shifted pretty far to the hysterical end of the spectrum. When you--or at least when I--dig into the arguments that I can somewhat understand, it all seems pretty messy and guessy. Overall, the discussion about AGW looks an awful lot like other discussions of leftist articles of faith that have been infected by political correctness / Lysenkoism. The left is quasi-religiously committed to climate apocalypticism, and, if that were subtracted from the discussion, we'd be having a much more rational and temperate discussion. 


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