Thursday, July 22, 2021

Peter Savodnik: The Faith Of Systemic Racism

To just pick out a couple of points:
Yes, one of the main problems about the systemic racism conjecture is that it tends toward untestability. It needn't be untestable--but that's how it's handled by the progressive left. It's basically an assumption treated as if it were a conclusion--i.e., as if it were supported by evidence. To some extent, it is a conclusion--but it's based on a different assumption: that "inequities" can only be caused by discrimination/oppression. Which is, of course, ostentatiously false. 
Second point, which I'll make the last word here:
But then there is the Plurality of the Unwell. Those who are the loudest and most desperate and dangerous. Those behind the new discourse. Those who corner or lobby the people who make the decisions—the CEOs, university presidents, studio chiefs and so on—to pretend that there is a ghost in the machine. That we are being orchestrated by an unverifiable hate. That it is their role, their mandate, to overthrow the veil of false consciousness and lead us to the light. These people, one suspects, are true believers. Their faith is real, but they do not realize it is faith. [my emphasis]


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