Friday, July 23, 2021

Cleveland Indians Adopt Extremely Lame New Name

Wow that's a terrible decision.
I have no link to Cleveland nor the Indians...but there have to be like about 10,000 better names than "Guardians."
Oh, sorry, I mean: Differently Aaaaaaaaaaabled....
In their defense:
(a) It's like an order of magnitude less lame that the commercial announcing the name change (see link).
(b) Their options are narrowed down to names that seem immune to future Woketarian REEEEEjection.
The last survey data I saw in this question indicated that actual American Indians didn't mind the name 'Indians,' but, rather, kinda liked it. In fact, they were more pro- than anti-'Redskins,' too. 
Oh, sorry: I mean: District of Columbia Football Concern.
But, of course, its mainly the fee-fees of the white activist-academician class that drives this sort of thing.
Anyway: it would make the change less stupid if they'd picked something less egregiously generic and crappy. 


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