Saturday, June 12, 2021

USA's Cultural Revolution Proceedeth Apace: JAMA Editor-In-Chief "Resigns" For un-PC Tweet

Hey, this stuff is confined to campuses and it's phase II of the civil rights movement and the only people who oppose it just want to be able to use racial slurs without consequences and political correctness and cancel culture don't exist. Also, why are you so interested in this stuff, anyway? It's pretty suspicious that you'd be so interested...

   Also, so far as I cant tell, Bauchner's tweet* was supporting the (largely bullshit, of course) idea of "structural racism," not questioning it. The first sentence of the tweet was intended to be in the "voice" (as they like to say) of a naive, unenlightened/unwoke person who needs to be "educated" people spewing leftist talking points and using their medical credentials to lend bogus epistemic authority to trendy, illiberal nonsense. The second sentence was more like Bauchner's own words--it's basically an assertion that there is "structural racism"--read: magical, empirically undetectable, racist ectoplasm--in medicine. And an assertion that all will be explained in the podcast. 
   So Bauchner seems to have been advertising for a podcast containing Woketarians testifying about their acceptance of Diversity Jesus into their hearts...but part of his tweet could be interpreted to mean basically the opposite of what it says. By, y'know, the sufficiently stupid and/or malicious and/or woke. But I repeat myself. Because postmodernism. That is: the death of the author, intentions don't matter, every interpretation is exactly as good as every other interpretation bullshit bullshit bullshit.
   Of course he issued the de rigueur groveling apology.
   If you're still cowering and hoping that the cult will leave you alone if you just mouth their words and go along with it see how well that works.

* Nope...was not even his tweet. He didn't write it. He didn't even see it before it was published. So my final sentence should probably be in bold.

Addendum:  JQ said, upon hearing about this:  he should have masturbated on a Zoom meeting before resigning. Then he might have been able to get his job back.


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