Friday, June 11, 2021

Delicious Apple Pie Is TOTALLY RACIST BIGOT!!!!11111

...but, er, it's still delicious, so
This nonsense is, of course, nonsense. There'd be no sense in paying any attention to these monomaniacal idiots if they hadn't somehow taken control of he country...
Basically, the cult thinks that x is racist if it causes any racism...or is in any way a partial consequence of any racism...or stands in any identifiable relation at all to anything that's in any way racist...which mean....everything is racist...including, of course, "anti-racism". Especially since "anti-racism" is not only a consequence of racism, but, in its contemporary fanatical, irrationalist form, it's causing racism--both by openly advocating for anti-white racism, and by increasing the likelihood of repelling people who are ordinarily themselves against racism.
  But also and anyway. Everything stands in some relation or other to apples...and APPLES ARE OPPRESSION, JACK. Ergo etc. etc.


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