Tuesday, February 23, 2021

NYT: Give Up On Critical Thinking: Rely On Wikipedia Instead

Undoubtedly you have already concluded that my title is a joke--that I'm distorting the content of the title for humorous effect. But this op-ed is about as clear as it could be about it. The problem, see, is that you shouldn't pay attention to wrongthink. Don't "go down the rabbit hole" of spending your valuable attention on it! Just navigate away to some "more reliable source"...wink... Featured prominently: Wikipedia. So, in short: if you run up against thoughtcriminals, go immediately to the NYT, Wikipedia, or some other progressive propaganda source, find a sentence that you can use to assuage the irritation of doubt as quickly as possible without any of that dangerous "thinking"...then go back to loving embrace of the groupthink.

[Incidentally, notice that one of their flagship examples is racial IQ differences--the wrongthinkiest badthought ever...which...is an extremely well-established conclusion in cognitive science.]


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