Tuesday, January 19, 2021

McConnell: Trump Provoked Capitol Mob

Yeah. That's what I'm inclined to think. Or have been, mostly, since the Capitol riot--or SEDITIOUS, SATANIC UPRISING! or whatever they're calling it now.
I basically still think he (irresponsibly and falsely) shouted 'Fire!' in a crowded theater. As I've complained many times, nobody ever uses that analogy right. But I think it's basically apt here. Except in that Trump seems to have basically convinced himself that there was a fire... So he believed it--or seemed to. That's a sort of defense...but since he irresponsibly convinced himself, he's guilty anyway. Just of something slightly different. Such epistemic irresponsibility might constitute an excuse for an ordinary person. But not the POTUS.
   Hubris, among other things. Trump couldn't believe / couldn't admit that he lost. And to Joe Biden! That dude is barely ambulatory. I wouldn't want to lose to him, either. 
   Anyway, as I already said, you can't tell a bullshit story over and over again, with great conviction, about how someone is doing something horrible to the country...and then assemble a hug crowd...and get them all pumped up...and admonish them to be peaceful once...it was once, right? Nah, that's not going to be defensible. 
   OTOH, I suppose, he could respond that it was mostly a couple of crazies and some weird groups no one has identified yet egging people on...and the vast majority of people not only weren't moved to riot, but refused to participate and were appalled when they found out about it. So...pretty thin gruel as incitement goes. And pretty weak-ass effort if it really was supposed to be some kind of coup. I mean...Viking horns guy? Really? The blue team keeps trying on new dysphemisms for what happened. What are they up to now, anyway? What comes after 'treason' and 'coup' and 'sedition'? 
If you explicitly admonish them to be peaceful, and the vast majority complies with your admonishion... Hmm... Well...Maybe not.
   Anyway, Trump's a dumbass and he f*cked up, that's for sure. But now I'm having second thoughts about "provocation"...and "incitement".
   It's him acting crazy that struck me hardest. Seemingly really believing this Total. F*cking. Insanity. about "them" "stealing" his "beautiful landslide"... That's just nuts. Just, plain nuts.
   And, again: I want an investigation. And we already know there were Democratic shenanigans. But that nonsense Trump was spouting...Jesus Christ.
   But, anyway, that's apparently not the sort of thing for which the 25th Amendment was intended, else I'd be tempted in that direction. But if passionately believing crazy falsehoods would trigger it, which contemporary Democrat could last more than a few days in office? So anyway, that's out.
   Anyway, I don't understand the issues well enough to have a firm opinion. I just want some decision that's plausibly reasonable...and for something to happen to derail that big blue train that's bearing down on us.


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