Saturday, January 09, 2021

McCarthy On Impeachment

Seems reasonable, as usual:
   The president was utterly irresponsible in his demagoguery. He plainly intended for thousands of supporters to march on the Capitol to create political pressure on Vice President Pence and congressional Republicans — i.e., to induce them to take what would have been lawless procedural steps to invalidate electoral votes that states had cast for President-elect Biden. There is no evidence, though, much less proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that Trump intended to instigate the Battle of Capitol Hill. He did not want anyone to be physically injured, let alone killed.
   Yet the issue in impeachment is not criminal liability. As we extensively covered a year ago, impeachment concerns what Hamilton described as political offenses that call into question fitness for high public office. On that standard, the president’s incitement is indefensible, both for the undermining of our constitutional system that it promoted and the carnage it caused — however unintentionally. As someone who contended that the Ukraine kerfuffle was partisan theater masqueraded as impeachable offenses, I must say that this incident, to the contrary, is undeniably impeachable.
   Nevertheless, I haven’t called for the president to be impeached and removed. Instead, to repeat what I said in the column linked above, while I would never argue that what he’s done is not impeachable, it would be a mistake to launch an impeachment now. There are only eleven days left in the president’s term. More important, removing him at this stage would gratuitously fan the flames of societal division that have intermittently exploded into violent rioting for the past year. Beyond that, I’ve opposed the caprice of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump because that procedure is reserved for grave medical conditions that render a stricken president unable to perform his duties. That is not our situation.

My emphasis. I'm inclined to agree with both conjuncts. The Dems are like a crazy D.A. that's repeatedly conspired against an innocent man...who then does something who then does something genuinely illegal on the way out of state. 


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