Sunday, January 31, 2021

Glenn Greenwald Explains It All For You

Well, not all...but some important bits. One thing I've noticed since the Dems became more dangerous than the Pubs is that, whereas there are a lot of blue-team types that are pro-Dem, red-team types mostly can't stand the Pubs. It's very common for them to speak of the uniparty, and GOPe and Conservative, Inc. Of course some lefties are way too left for the Dems...which is really scary now that the Dems are too left for the Dems... And I'm sure there are those types, too, on the right. But what I'm saying is: even relatively mainstream red-team types can't stand the Pubs. One way they speak of the conservative establishment is as the shadow of the radical left: following wherever it goes, just about ten years behind, doing absolutely nothing to impede its progress.
   Trump had his pathologies, obviously. But one of his interesting ideas is that it's basically us vs. the ruling elite of both parties. He doesn't articulate his ideas clearly, and, even ignoring that, I'm not sure to what extent this idea is right. But it's eminently worth taking seriously. 
   But right now the progressive left is--by far--the most dangerous faction in the USA. Actual white supremacists--as Greenwald notes--make up a tiny fraction of the country. The term "white supremacy" is in vogue merely because it's worse than 'racist'--and the left, constantly pushing its linguistic mind-control agenda, seeks ever-more-negative dysphemisms for its enemies. Anyway:


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