Saturday, January 09, 2021

Dems Try Impeachment...Again

In my ignorant and by-now-virtually-worthless not-even-vaguely expert judgment, after having thought, over succeeding days, that this was a good idea, then a bad idea...: I don't know. After four years of irrationally (and in some cases, apparently, illegally) plotting against him, finally he's done something that strikes me--intuitively and no more--impeachment-worthy. 
   Seems like a Kobayashi Maru to me. It seems outrageous to let a President get away with something so insane. OTOH, after four years of irrational, partisan efforts to destroy him, this now can't but be seen as a continuation of that pattern. 
   OTOH, given that the progressives and Dems have done almost all the same things--some to a much more destructive degree--this threatens to constitute implementation of a double-standard. Progressives/leftists have stormed buildings on Capitol Hill (e.g. during the Kavanaugh hearings), have engaged in activities tantamount to a coup (Russiagate), have engaged in violent, sustained riots across the country, burning and laying extended siege to state and federal government buildings, have established what they have declared to be other countries ("autonomous zones"), have called for insurrection against the government, have physically attacked lawmakers...all with the support (or at most lukewarm opposition) of progressives and Democrats. 
   So I don't know.
   I suppose my ignorant, intuitive preference is: force Trump from office and then, finally, hold the left to the same standards. But (a) that second part simply isn't going to happen--the progressive left is in charge, and their power has just been massively increased. (And this isn't even their final form...) And (b) if you think the Trumpistas are pissed now, just wait until they try to remove him. I'm inclined to think that that latter type of consideration shouldn't count... But, practically, do we really want to turn up the heat right now?


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