Monday, January 18, 2021

Biden Appointees: "Systemic Racism" A Major Driver Of The Climate Apocalypse

Thing about Trump's crazy is that it was never made official crazy. The very fact that Trump believed it meant that it would automatically be politically incorrect heterodoxy.
Progressive crazy is always made official crazy.
To repeat myself: one way you know climate apocalypticism is bullshit is that even the apocalypticists don't believe it. If you really believed that we faced a "climate emergency," you'd train all your policy firepower on that target. If you really thought we had 10 years to save the world, you wouldn't be screwing around with other problems--not even the Satanic scourge of "systemic racism." Thing is, of course, progressive crises are always just crisisy enough that we don't have time for rational discussion...but not so crisisy as to prevent wasting plenty of resources on other fictional progressive obsessions.


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