Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Anti-Trump Inauguration National Guard Theater

Trump--may God, eventually, have mercy on his soul--deserves all the ridicule he gets after the last two months of psychopathy. I expect this to be the end of him, actually. He humiliated himself, and I don't see how someone with his ego can survive that. Though I guess he could use the same superhuman powers of denial that allowed him to convince himself that the Illuminati mind-controlled people into voting for Biden or whatever.
   So anyway, I don't care about that part. This isn't any kind of back-handed defense of Trump.
   It's ridicule of the other side. 
   Massive fencing--though walls and fences (a) never work! and (b) are immoral!...and despite the fact that they can't really be immoral if they don't work--all around the inauguration site. Massive National Guard presence...because somebody on Reddit made a joke about the boog. No, wait: almost all conservatives have been driven off of Reddit. So .win? No...I think they're being driven off .win as we speak... Well, anyway. AND apparently the Guard is being assigned on the basis of political orientation--so units more likely to be composed of mostly Trump voters are allegedly being placed farther away from the inauguration...
   You, ah, realize this is all crazy, right?
   I mean, the Trump riot was crazy, as goes without saying. 
   But this is the other flavor of crazy. It's like the left only has two settings--rabid, shrieky insistence that they are right about everything...and hysterical terror. 
   Of course I'm not saying that all Biden and Dem voters are like that. I suspect--and hope--that most people who voted for Biden did so with great reluctance, but figured him to be the lesser of the available evils. I'm talking about something like the public, collective persona of the progressive left. That quasi-person is crazy as hell.
   Anyway, I expect that this is all intended, in large part, as another bit of political theater to further discredit Trump and the right. LOOK! THEY ARE SO DANGEROUS THAT WE HAD TO...etc. etc.
   OTHO, as the left gets crazier and crazier, and consolidates its near-total control of, well, everything...isolated crazies on the right fester.  And are pretty likely to eventually blow. And, to make matters crazier, they have a tendency to do it--as we've seen over and over--in a way that provides a massive boost to the left.
   Anyway. Maybe this is more than merely Trump-discreditation theater. But it's at least that.


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