Monday, December 14, 2020

Progressives preparing To Give Biden The Old Heave-Ho?

 Yes, there are, indeed, at least two different explanations. First: having effectively suppressed the Biden corruption stories until the election, the MSM is free now to let them come out--and, of course, there's incentive to do so. It's costly--in terms of political / media capital--to manipulate the news. The more overtly they do so, the more people will notice. So that explanation is about resisting the inherent desire of the information to be free...and then letting it go after the crucial date has passed. Alternatively, there are positive incentive for progressives to want to ditch Biden, obviously--then they get the candidate they really want (for various reasons...). OTOH, they'd probably rather not have to admit (if it would be an admission) that Biden is a crook. That'd carry a psychological cost, as the Trumpistas will crow mercilessly about it.


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