Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Mickey Kaus: Wokeism Should Terrify Liberals / Biden Might Surprise On This Score

Wow, another thing I really agree with.  I gave up on Biden pushing back against PC months ago. He sure acted like somebody who was giving in to the Woketarian left... But maybe there's enough Biden left in there to put the brakes on this insanity to at least some extent. He won't be Trump in this respect, obviously. And we're basically screwed because of the wave of new high-level Democratic administrative bureaucrats he'll sweep into office. But still...he might surprise us. 
   (Don't think about $2 trillion for climate hysteria...don't think about $2 trillion for climate hysteria...)
   As for whether neo-PC should terrify liberals: well, of course it should. That should go without saying by now.


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