Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jacobson: Where Things Stand At This Hour

We have substantial reason to think the election was stolen, but the legal remedies seen to have been exhausted.
He also writes (of an old acquaintance):
Back to Wisconsin. Karofsky was known to be on the extreme end of the spectrum, and she demonstrated it during the oral argument, with obviously planned pronouncements from the bench that the challenges were racist, and that Trump was acting like a king. It was the most abysmal display I’ve ever seen in an appellate court oral argument. Karofsky has just started her 10-year term in office.
It's hard to act surprised...that's the blue team's Master Argument now.
   What to do? Jacobson says to organize. I suppose that's good advice. I say: investigate. Journalists swarmed Florida after 2000 and conducted their own recounts--driven, of course, by the hope of proving that Gore had won. There's no such motive in this case--they want to pretend there are no questions in order to shut this down asap. In 2000 they repeated the mantra "count every vote"...though at that time they were at least concerned to pretend to be objective... Those days are obviously gone. Now they just angrily and repeatedly pronounce that it's over and there are no legitimate questions. To pretend otherwise is...you guessed it...a conspiracy theory!!!!1111  Even were they to conduct a recount, it obviously couldn't be trusted. 
    But obviously we have to know what happened. An election in which half of the people have no faith is basically worthless. Since Democrats and journalists (but I repeat myself) won't investigate (and couldn't be trusted if they did)...I guess that leaves...us? Whatever that means. 
   Internet Pubs do have a history of uncovering some pretty sophisticated blue-team shenanigans (e.g. the fake Bush TXANG memo.) So who knows?
   Ah, I don't have anything to say about this. I just don't know. I hope that's not just the relentless drumbeat of blue-team propaganda getting to me. 
   OTOH, the red team has gone from zero to crazy in like six weeks. Whew. Lots of comments over there about how it's obvious that there was electoral fraud and....[ominous suggestions follow...]. Well, as they say, the party out of power is crazy... Maybe that means that the blues will sober up a bit to compensate...though I wouldn't bet any money on it...


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