Sunday, December 06, 2020

Climate Apocalypticism Is Bullshit

There's been some warming. Some of it's likely our doing. After that, most of what you hear from the Woketarians is bullshit. Bullshittiest of all: we have a decade (or is it 8 years now?) before we hit a "point of no return"....and then we're on a runaway train to the climate apocalypse, baby! 
   That's probably the flagship climate belief of the progressive left. And it's complete bullshit. Even the IPCC doesn't believe those things--neither one of them.
   This, from Prager U...which I used to make unmerciful fun pretty good. Prager U's stuff is usually good, in fact. Of the two of us, me and Prager U., I was, ten years ago, the ignorant one.


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