Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Objectively speaking, it ain't over. No amount of insisting by the blue team / MSM will change that.
   Unfortunately, despite the fact that it's going relatively well so far, this really is a set-up for a nightmare scenario in that it couldn't be engineered better to bring out the worst in Trump. He will say something injudicious...he might say something crazy. 
   Did the blues cheat? Of course they cheated. What kind of question is that? They've spent the last four years cheating. By some accounts, they've spent the last 5-6 decades cheating. 
   But the blues assure us that they didn't cheat enough to change the outcome. So why are you making a big deal out of it, bigot? It's a "conspiracy theory" that they cheated enough to make a difference. And if you want to audit or recount the votes, then you're a conspiracy theorist
   In my view, the red team acted like a bunch of assholes during the recount debacle of 2000. And the blue team is acting like a bunch of assholes now. Though I have to say, I'm understanding more and more why the red team doesn't trust the blue team with a recount...
   Though Trump has his vices, one of his main virtues is that he seems immune to blue-team hectoring / "shaming." He'll juggernaut his way forward on this. Good for him.
   There is, objectively, prima facie reason to suspect chicanery. Furthermore, the blues know as well as we do that, unless it can be proven that there was enough to make a difference, they'll pay no price for it. When it comes to blue-team wrongdoing, the MSM guarantees that the message will be whispered into a padded room. It'll be immediately dampened, and the inmates don't want to hear it anyway. If the message gets out at all, it'll be minimized to the maximum possible extent of minimization. Even supposing there was a massive blue-team cheating effort, it'll be stifled and minimized and spun, and dismissed and blamed on Trump somehow. If he weren't a literal Nazi they wouldn't have been forced to employ...uh...what will it be called? Extreme voting measures? Ibram X. Kendi has already floated the claim that the idea of a legal vote is every bit as racist as that of illegal immigrant. Just as they're softening up the low-information center for open borders, they seem to be softening them up for open voting--any ballot received is as good as any other. 
   I do doubt that there was enough fraud to make a difference. But, then, I've doubted everything the Pubs have said for the past four years, and they've been right just about every time. But one thing's for sure: the ballots need to be scrutinized and some will need to be thrown out. So who knows? Trump can still win.
   But: here's another certainty: if we do find enough shenanigans to flip the result, there will be riots. The blue-team Blackshirts would have rioted had Trump won outright, and they'll riot if he's ultimately determined to be the winner. The blue team has simply lost its shit. That manifests itself in different ways across the whole blue sector--the anarcho-communist wing uses violent "direct action," the intelligentsia produced baroque, bullshit theories and indoctrinates the young, the media creates the propaganda, others shriek at any relatively centrist blues who get out of line or flirt with non-blue-approved thought. As is their current wont, they created a web of lies and deception and spin that keeps the whole crazy, cultish scheme rolling along. 
   But we're gonna count the votes, and you can't stop us.


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