Sunday, November 22, 2020

Turkey-Grinch, Notorious Granny-Killer, and Blue-Team Hero A. Cuomo Sends Cops To Cancel Thanksgiving

Cops ignore him.
Apparently he may or may not want them to count cars in driveways and investigate how much stuffing people bought... I take it that's humorous ridicule and not for realz.
  But never forget how crazy the blue team has gone with all this. This is them responding, basically, to the flu. They outright admit that one of their strategies is to exploit crises. And what a coincidence that they're generally the ones fanning the flames of hysteria, eh? And, more recently: actually setting actual fires and burning down actual cities. They seem to love both chaos in itself and the authoritarianism it breeds.
   Remember: I'm a lifelong blue-teamer--until 2.5 years ago. And the only thing keeping me from saying "I will never vote for these crazy motherf*ckers again" is that I swore that twice against the red team, and now am eating my words. (Except I'd almost never actually voted for the red team, other than for a couple of incidental offices... So in that case "again" wasn't really part of the deal.)  (I swore that thing after their shit arguments and efforts to shut down recounts in Florida 2000, and after they lied us into Iraq.)
   Anyway. I think there's a decent chance the pendulum of crazy will swing back toward the reds...though I do think the blues seem to be moving in the direction of a fairly stable state of victory. It won't last forever, but it could last for decades. Or, God help us, longer.


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