Thursday, November 19, 2020

Starting To Really Look Like Four Years Of Biden-Harris

   I shudder to think what's going to happen even just to the Department of Ed. As I keep saying. Over and over and over. But I do. Just losing DeVos will set us use trying to spit out some largely arbitrary number of years. Worse, the blue-team crazies will move the ball even farther down the field. Their goal is basically to implement every loony idea that comes out of postpostmodern academia...and, in fact, out of ed of its looniest sectors. 
   If, God forbid, we were to be stuck with eight years of the blue team...well....God knows. It's not that we'd exactly end up with desegregated restrooms and no math departments... But that's the general direction in which we'll be moving.
   Among the many depressing aspects of these episodes--this neo-PC one, and the paleo-PC one of the 80s-90s--is seeing how illiberal all the "liberals" secretly were. Last time I resolved never to forget... But I forgot. Most people around you who you think are liberal are actually going to drop liberalism like a hot potato and help the illiberal left tear it all down as soon as they get a chance. Screaming about the evils of conservatism and the dreaded straightwhitemales the whole time. Or standing silently by while the others do. 
   I understand Trump fatigue. Lord I do. And it'll be a relief to not have to deal with his repeated assaults on civilized discourse. Not to mention demeaning the office of the Presidency.'s not like he's Clintonesque in the respect... So, yeah, I really do understand that almost any non-Trump administration will be more comfortable. OTOH, we're f*cked. So...there's also that.


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