Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Our Electoral/Political Situation In A Nutshell

This is just perfect.
   K-Mac lays out an argument--a very cogent argument. An argument that gets right at the very heart of the electoral situation. The position she articulates ought to be at lest fairly uncontroversial: all the legal votes must be counted; no illegal votes can count. Fox News--FOX NEWS--which has now been right and truly converged--cuts away from her comments on the grounds that she is (a) accusing the other side of electoral shenanigans and (b) not providing any evidence. Which is, of course, exactly what she was doing--providing evidence. The blue team has consistently advocated and implemented measures that make electoral fraud easier--and easier to get away with. 
   The one major non-progressive news channel we used to have has been converged. Just like all the rest. Now even the White House press secretary is not permitted even to state the administration's clear and crucial case even on the least-leftist television news network. You aren't permitted to state the argument unless your conclusion has already been proven. By the lights of the other side. This is madness. 
   How many times can the left get away with something like this before even their true believers start suffering pangs of cognitive dissonance?
   Incidentally: the network that unjustifiably called Arizona for the blue team the very instant it thought it could get away with it on election night...
   I don't expect these preliminary results will be overturned. But the blue team's hysterical resolve to ignore the problem and avoid finding the truth has become part of a pattern. This is basically Russiagategate 2.0. Nothing to see here, citizens! Move along! This is only a CONSPIRACY THEORY. Repeat: THIS IS ONLY A CONSPIRACY THEORY...
   My prediction: the next edition of the DSM will include some new malady characterized as: an unwillingness to accept news networks' proclamations about preliminary vote-counts.
   Of course this could all be wrong. I could be missing something. We don't want to slip into a system such that every result of every election can be contested. I'm not objective in this matter. But given the behavior of the blues over the last four years, I just don't see how we can just acquiesce to all of this.


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