Saturday, November 21, 2020

Incidentally: This Is The Trajectory I Most Feared

Trump doesn't seem like the kind of guy to take losing in stride anyway. He's inclined to say stupid things, and seems capable of doing stupid things. Which does not mean: refusing to leave office. That's ridiculous. Though, I suppose, not impossible...
   But add to losing: the blue team has not only become (in his opinion and mine) truly dangerous, but it has treated him just terribly. Even a more level-headed person would hate those guys with a burning passion by now. If someone had accused me of the things of which they've accused Trump, I'd lose my damn mind. 
   It's a blueprint for disaster. It's also likely to lead Trump to act in ways that are not only objectively bad, but that play into the left's lies about him. On top of everything else, it's likely to give Biden and the blues some additional mojo to implement what IMO is the most disastrous agenda I've ever seen in a lifetime of seeing and fretting about such things.
   Of course it's not a done deal yet. We're a long way from proof that the election was legit. But the grim handwriting on the wall has become pretty distinct.
   One view says: push the election fraud line as hard as possible in order to delegitimize the Biden and Harris Presidencies. Normally I'd be adamantly against such a strategy. But that's what the blues have basically done since 2016--though they attacked Trump himself rather than the electoral process. So that's a major difference. This would constitute escalation of an already dangerous confrontation. However, if you think that the blue agenda is very likely to do largely-irreparable damage to the country, it can seem like a rational strategy. And, of course: we probably ought to undermine confidence in the form of elections we used this time around. To the layperson, at least, it seems like a system engineered to encourage voter fraud. It's just about as clear as it could be that the Dems, overall, have decided to trade off the security of our elections for two related things: (a) wider participation by left-favored groups and (b) more votes. The former is a noble cause, in its way. The latter, of course, is a different matter. So, to wrap this up, the reds have reasons both noble and self-serving to undermine confidence not just in this election, but in this way of running elections. And, further, it's a smart bet that part of the blues' motive for relentlessly exaggerating the danger from bat flu was in order to bolster their case for loosening up election security / increasing participation by members of blue-favored groups. It's a big tangle of motives and hypotheses... But anyone who thinks that it's clearly the reds who are the bad guys here is blinkered.
   Anyway, again: worst of the likely scenarios, I say. Blues will win, Trump will make a stink, thus tarnishing the reds and bolstering the blues--and in a way that will let them pretend that they were right about him all along.
   On the bright side, there does seem to have been rather a turn away from progressivism in the House and the state houses. I say we start working now to clobber the blues in the mid-terms. Then I can maybe start worrying about a red backlash...though that sort of worrying seems like a beautiful dream right now...


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