Saturday, November 14, 2020

Charles Koch Has Second Thoughts About Partisanship

 Anti-partisanship is good. But I'm not sure it's a great idea right now, just after the crazies have taken over the Dems...who have, you may recall, just engaged in a 4-year campaign of conspiracies and lies to more-or-less overturn both the Presidential election of 2016 and that of 2020... Tribalism is bad. But it seems to me that our two political tribes tend not to be equally bad all the time. Only one of them is currently afflicted by climate hysteria, only one of them believes in open borders, only one of them believes that people can change their sex with word magic, only one of them is anti-First-Amendment and anti-Second-Amendment, only one of them is promoting the antiliberal, anti-American brainwashing of children, and only one of them is dedicated to promoting lies that seems rather clearly intended to foment something like a race war... So... though I'm passionately anti-tribal...what that means is that one shouldn't get particularly attached to one's own tribe merely because it's one's tribe. Some tribes are better than others. And this can fluctuate over time. The reds dragged us into the Iraq disaster. 20 years on, the blues have just flat-out lost their f*cking minds. You've got to be prepared to make temporary alliances with whichever one is best...or the moment. Well, I may be missing the main point here. I hope Koch does more good than bad with this new plan.


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