Monday, November 16, 2020

Bat flu And Vitamin D

 Incidentally, if vitamin D does turn out to be as important as some suggest for fighting off the bat flu: all the mask bullshit is likely to be making things worse, especially in winter. Apparently vitamin D synthesis from UV exposure is a very important source of the stuff. In winter, in normal climates, only your face and hands are normally exposed to sunlight in winter months. Face diapers, what, cover up half of the relevant real estate? I don't really have nor deserve a view about masks beyond (a) seems intuitively like the ought to help at least somewhat, and (b) fuck right off if you think you're going to force me to wear one. Of course the benefit from masks may outweigh their costs...but if we do find out that vitamin D is really important, and we don't get any corresponding information about masks, and if having your face exposed to sunlight really is (as I've assumed) an important source of vitamin D, then this would at least be some reason to fight/ignore/eliminate mask mandates...outdoors, anyway...


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