Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Because being accused of racism--like being accused of sexual assault--means you're guilty. If you deny that you're guilty, then you're guilty and a liar. According to the progressive left, the only acceptable response is to admit your guilt, prostrate yourself, abase yourself via hyperbolic self-denunciation, and beg for forgiveness. No, forgiveness. Just keep humiliating yourself. You deserve it.
   Once again: the cornerstone of progressivism is political correctness. Political correctness is the subordination of facts to leftist political dogma. Their dogma is that Trump is racist...because their dogma is that all who oppose them are racists. (Again: this isn't about Trump; this is about you. He's just in the way.) No facts can overturn leftist dogma. Trump is racist--and you are racist--and nothing he or you can say or do can change that in the collective delusion of the progressive left.
   This is madness...but there's also a degree of method in it: repeatedly asking the question is the next best thing to repeatedly making the accusation. It says to an unwoke audience: it's not clear whether this person is's so unclear that we have to keep asking him over and over and over... That'll do for contexts in which flat-out accusations won't work.
   The idea is that, if you don't scrupulously adopt the beliefs and language and manners of the progressive left in every ever-changing detail, then your racist enough that nothing else you could ever say or do will ever matter.


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