Wednesday, October 14, 2020

RCP Poll Averages: Catastrophic

If they really are as bad as they're showing today (Biden +10 overall, +5 in top battlegrounds), it's scary as hell. There's really no terribly plausible explanation for it other than: the media's propaganda machine has done its job with horrifying efficiency.
   Again, I tend to be a pessimist about such things, and am very wary of, as we might say, false positivism... But--even resisting the urge to give too much weight to what happened last time--these numbers just don't seem like they can be right. 
   Of course it's pretty easy to tell the story so that the outsider is crushed by the two-party alliance (plus the press, plus broadcast media, plus universities...) that opposes him--once they're woken from their dogmatic slumbers... 
   But I kinda just don't believe it.


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