Sunday, October 18, 2020

Progressive Race Hysteria: ACB Edition

Look...when a political faction goes so batshit crazy about race that they argue that adopting kids of another race shows that you're racist...well they've pegged the needle at that point. That's a kind of practical Kafkatrap. It's the practical equivalent of claiming that having black friends provides no evidence that you're not racist. If having black friends isn't evidence that you aren't racist, then what is? 
   Answer: nothing. 
   Which is what identity-politics progressivism has been saying for years: there is no defense against accusations of racism. This is the racial analog of: believe all women. If you've been accused, then you're guilty. To deny your guilt shows that you're a racist (or: sexual assailant)...and you're a liar. 
   Though, actually, I've read some stuff by Kendi that's right--and way less crazy than standard progressive fare. In this case, all I've read from him is the claim that white couples adopting nonwhite kids doesn't guarantee that they're not racist. Which is true. In fact, most notably: does anyone doubt that there are white progressive couples out there with severely fucked-up attitudes on race...who adopt nonwhite kids to virtue-signal and assuage their own consciences? 
   Anyway. There's plenty to complain about about progressivism. No need to exaggerate.


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