Wednesday, October 14, 2020

PC Jargon Calvinball: They Just Make This Shit Up As They Go Along

They just make this shit up as they go along--it's hardly news.
   This is the way the game has been planed since the paleo-PC era. The neo-PCs are no different than the PPCs. The only thing that's different about the NPCs is that they've got the internet, so they can produce ridiculous jargon at a faster rate.
   They're all about words--and they struggle to outdo each other with respect to neologisms. Even they can't keep up. What we see in this case is a common kind of move: several different bits of jargon become fashionable, and they snark at each other with vaguely plausible, impressionistic arguments about which jargon is preferable, depending on which ideas happen to have become fashionably ascendant. Since it's a big mess, it makes it easier to bust outsiders--especially since everyone else has basically ceded power to them to determine what language is permissible. ACB used a term that seems to be less-fashionable than one of its competitors. They desperately want to score points against ACB or whichever evil non-progressive they're after at the they pretend it's some horrific linguistic sin--when, in fact, it's just a word that's become less-fashionable among PC cultists. 
   Their lame justification is that 'preference' suggests changeability...but the fashionable idea on the left--right now--is that such preferences aren't changeable. Hence they prefer 'orientation.' Which, again, impressionistically, they think suggests something in the vicinity of immutability.
   So...your sex is totally made up by words and clothes! But your sexual preference...that's totally hardwired in! Bigot!
   Everything the contemporary left believes is inferior to what the left believed fifteen years ago. 


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