Sunday, October 18, 2020

One Of The Main Reasons To Vote For Trump: Progressivism Is Made Of False Accusations Of Racism

Disgusting lies from the Hartford Courant.
Donald Trump isn't a racist. But the progressive left continues to lie in order to make him seem like one. The unhinging of the left on this issue is, even by itself, grounds for voting against them. Because this isn't about Trump--this is about everyone who has a sane view of race, and everyone who opposes the progressive left. They spew these lies at all who oppose them--Trump's just the most prominent example.
   I rarely make such arguments, because I think it should be enough to point out that someone is lying in such a systematic way. But: these aren't just any lies. These are scurrilous lies that aim at character assassination. And they are tearing the country apart. The claims that the U.S. is a racist nation are lies--systematically promoted by the left in order to achieve their nefarious ends. They're happy to convince black Americans that their President--and their country--hates them. If that's the price of vilifying conservatives, they're happy to pay it. 
   These lies are particularly destructive lies. Even if you don't care that they are lies, and nor that they aim to besmirch the character of an extremely flawed, but basically good man, you should at least care that these lies are on a trajectory to destroy the country.


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