Thursday, October 29, 2020

More Bad Polling News

If the blues take the Presidency and control both houses of Congress... My God...what a horror... We're doomed.
   I know several people who have flipped from blue to red since 2016...they all seem pretty confident that Trump, at least, is going to win.
   Me...well...I'm not so confident. I'll admit that in my heart of hearts, I just can't really believe that the country would go for for Biden...but the polls have me very, very worried. And, of course, Trump has the power to repulse large numbers of people.
   And I did my weekly-or-so check of the front pages of the NYT, WaPo, etc....holy freaking shit. They are scary delusional. It's almost impossible to believe. There's no effort whatsoever to be objective. They're just frothing-at-the-mouth propagandists at this point.
   If Trump can beat not only the Democrats but the news media and the universities and the pop "culture" industry and...all the rest...dude will prove himself virtually superhuman.
   One thing I'm confident of: there will be more "shy" Trump voters this time around than last time--since this time it's much clearer that being a Trump-supporter can get you ostracized or fired or beaten up or killed...  
   My street is filled with stupid lefty yard signs (Biden, BLM, we're glad you're our neighbor--and the worst: in this house we believe...). Of the houses with no yard signs three routinely fly their flags. We now do, and two sets of neighbors. I know that one set of them flipped from blue to red since '16, and I saw the other one wearing a Trump t-shirt yesterday... I'd have a yard sign, but, sadly, JQ probably isn't voting for Trump--but she isn't voting for Lyin' that's good...


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