Friday, October 09, 2020

Lyin' Biden Tries To Pin Whitmer Kidnapping Plot On Trump: "Why Can't The President Just Say 'Stop'?"

Why can't Biden just tell the BLM/Pantyfa rioters to stop?
   These guys seem to be anarchists, anyway--or at least it isn't clear yet.
   Not only are they stupid assholes, but they're a godsend to team blue. This one non-act will be treated by the media as something that counterbalances all of blues' totalitarian bullshit. Riotous mobs murdering, burning and looting across America...mostly peaceful protests! The FBI talks four losers into talking about kidnapping Whitmer...WHITE SUPREMACIST COUP FOR TRUMP!!!!!!
   The left is wrecking the country and making it very clear that they plan to keep doing so...and yet, somehow, the handful of actual white supremacists lurking on the fringes of the internet are the real threat...and also, mysteriously, the cause of the anarcho-communist riots for black "lives."
   It's not that I don't take white supremacists seriously--I've always taken them seriously, and spent years fretting a lot about them at one point. The thing is, they simply aren't anything like the biggest threat we have currently. They often act as lone wolves...and one of them can easily snap--and inevitably will given the overtly racist anti-white ideas and programs being advanced by the current left. But it's just another PC uber-absurdity to try to make them out to be the problem with BLM and Pantyfa are burning down cities--and the riots dominated by the former often target people specifically because they're white. Not even to mention that black-on-white violence is a much bigger problem in this country that white-on-black violence. But those, of course, are hatefacts and cannot be spoken...
   And, of course, the Harris-Biden campaign--with the help of e.g. Michelle Obama--continues to spread the Very Fine People lie...because they are lying liars, and lying about racism is just what the left does now. The contemporary left is basically made of lies about racism. 
   I don't see how anyone who cares about the truth even a little bit could vote for them. Trump's a paragon of honesty by comparison.


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