Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Did Merriam-Webster Change Its Definition Of 'Sexual Preference' To Accord With PC Newspeak *During* The ACB Hearing?

During the hearing, ACB was chastised by some of the lamer Dems (Hirono, Spartacus) for using the term 'sexual preference' which they claimed is now terribly unwoke/unPC/offensive/whatever. The more fashionable PC jargon is now 'sexual orientation,' which, allegedly, avoids suggestion the unfashionable view that sexual preference is, well, a preference. Because, you see, things are biological/non-optional when and only when the left says they are. So e.g. your sex is just made up by words! It's purely discretionary! You can change it by fiat--or with clothes.But your sexual preference is hardwired in and immutable... 
   Because this is the clown world of the PC left. 
   Anyway, some people doubted this, and decided to check online...only to find out that--or so it seems--Merriam-Webster had altered its online entry for the term that day to label it "offensive"...that day:
Anyone care to argue that this isn't Orwellian?
   The Ministry of Meaning not merely rewriting the language to make it accord with PC fashion...but doing so "in real time"...
   If you aren't concerned about the overwhelming power the unhinged left has to control our institutions, then you're probably being controlled by them and those institutions.


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