Sunday, October 11, 2020

Conservatives Have Been Right About Everything Re: Russiagate And Russiagategate

As you know, I tried to sit out Russiagate. I couldn't figure out what was going on--though I felt pretty sure that firing Comey must have been obstruction. I explicitly said that I didn't have the time to put in the kind of work I'd put in on the election 2000 debacle or WMDs and the lead-up to Iraq. For one thing: I'd come to realize how little I actually understood about such things. In the last 5 years or so, I've come to realize that background knowledge and specialized, professional modes of reasoning are more important than I used to realize. (It's something like "tradecraft.")  I declared that I was waiting for Mueller's report, and would accept whatever he concluded so long as 
   But, about halfway through the investigation, even the casual attention I was paying it began to reveal that the Russiagate tale just wasn't holding up. The story began to ostentatiously fall apart, the media reports became even more laughable, and the blue team generally became hysterical about the whole thing. Dozens of times I heard or read Blues proclaim "there's no other possible explanation of the facts"--other, that is, than that Trump was either "colluding" with the Russians, or that he was an outright Russian "asset." 
   It became clear via e.g. the reporting of Aaron Mate, for one, that the whole damn story was a joke. It wasn't even clear that there was any "hack" of the Clinton emails--and if there was, it seemed to have been in-house, not over the internet. The DNC refused to hand over the servers. The story had already fallen apart, but the media went into full-blown propaganda mode suppressing the information and explaining it all away as "conspiracy theories." Eventually, though I was trying to keep my powder dry and resist getting dragged into it all, it became too much and I concluded that it was bullshit and began saying so. Then I started pointing out that conservatives had basically been right about more-or-less everything about Russiagate all along. (Nunes and the Nunes Memo had been viciously derided by the MSM / Blues. As we now know, he was right early and often.) 
   Then it started to become clear that Russiagate wasn't mere began to seem like it had been a hoax perpetrated by Democrats, the MSM, and members of the intelligence community. At that point I said that I didn't think conservatives could possibly be right about what I started calling was just too outlandish. But there was evidence for it. I pointed out that if conservatives turned out to be right about this, too, it'd be game, set, match, season, world championship...there's almost no way to express how big it would be for them to have been so completely right about so much while progressives were so completely wrong...
   It seems crazy, but here we are. It's become clearer and clearer that conservatives/Republicans were not only completely right about Russiagate, they've likely been completely right about Russiagategate as well. It's the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, far, far bigger than Watergate. Bigger still for the fact that Team Blue, including all of the mainstream media, are working just as hard to suppress Russiagategate as they worked to help construct and propagate Russiagate. 
   This is a scandal for the ages.
   It's turned out that Team Blue is rotten to the core--all the way to Obama, Biden and Clinton. And the blue propaganda apparatus is trying to ram one of the conspirators into the White House again.
   I never thought there was any possibility that American politics (and its surroundings--e.g. the media) could possibly be this corrupt. I simply never would have believed it. But here we are.
   It's part of the tragedy that Durham is so upright that he's refusing to make any concessions to the election. Right now it looks like that decision will re-install the cabal that perpetrated this outrage. Basically the worst possible outcome. A tragedy and a farce. 
   Maybe Durham is just playing it completely straight, discharging his prosecutorial duties as if the election weren't even a thing. That's my view.
   But there's another, darker possibility...
   One of the few things the right has seemed to go overboard about has been the murder of Seth Rich. I've never really taken that part of the story very seriously...weird though were the circumstances of his death. I know it sounds crazy...but this has all sounded crazy. I've  begun to wonder whether Durham might be after something even bigger than what we can already see he's after. That could be a topic to itself. But one possibility is: Seth Rich really was murdered because he knew too much about Emailgate/Servergate/Russiagate. Speculative. I don't believe it. But I no longer believe it's crazy.


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