Thursday, October 15, 2020

Biden Is SO Full Of Shit

"Shoot to kill"?
   Cops don't generally shoot to kill, they shoot to stop--which sometimes kills people. And they certainly don't do it "first"--by which he meant: immediately and without trying anything else.
   "Shoot them in the leg?"
   Jesus Christ. How clueless can you be?
   I was just thinking "well, he sounds less full of shit than Trump"...but it's totally superficial. He's linguistically more adept...which...[shakes head]...but about equally full of shit. Thing is, Trump's shown that he can do a good job. Other than the talking part, important as it is. I can't believe that anybody thinks that Biden has any chance of doing a good job. Not that he'd even be in the job for more than a year.
   But...though the idea of a Biden-Harris/Harris-?  administration is an absolute fucking would be rather a relief not to have to hear Trump talk all the time.


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