Friday, October 09, 2020

Are Polls "Psyops" Aiming To Depress GOP Turnout?

This is one line you hear a lot among conservatives. It's one specific version of the polls are left-biased line. I didn't realize how maniacally biased the mainstream media is until...what? Two or three years ago? I spent decades deriding the idea that the MSM was biased. I used to spout the lefty line that this was just "working the refs." (Though I think that was originally some conservative or other. Agnew maybe? Norquist? I don't know.)
   Of course now it's impossible for any even vaguely objective observer to deny the bias. The MSM has flipped its shit so ostentatiously that I rarely even look at it anymore--other than the WSJ. It's so hysterical and horrific that it just pushes me farther to the right--something I don't need right now. (But I did need--badly--10, 20, 30 years ago...) 
   But I've long rejected the idea that polling was left-biased. On the dopey grounds that polling outfits have to be accurate on pain of losing prestige/money. That's dopey because the MSM, theoretically, is supposed to be producing accurate accounts of current events, and they fail at this task flamboyantly--and seemingly without paying any price. 
   One kind of response is: predicting the outcome of an election is more like predicting the score of a baseball game than it is like arguing that Trump is a racist. The latter lie can, as we've seen, be repeated for years, even in the face of contrary facts. There's a whole lot less wiggle room when you're predicting two numbers. 
   Anyway. The polls look bad. They looked bad in '16, of course, and it's possible that the pollsters failed to fix whatever was wrong--if anything. I think it's extremely obvious that there will be more "shy Trump voters" this time around, now that social vilification and violence against Trump-supporters has become basically routine. 
   And, of course, we now hear that the Durham investigation isn't even trying to drop indictments before 11/'s rather difficult for me to resist the thought that that basically means it's all over... Media hysteria, the fact that the blues have gone all-in on the "racist Trump" lie, as well as the lie about Trump being responsible for every single batflu death in the U.S.... It's hard to believe that anyone could win with all the powerful institutions in the country arrayed against him--and completely unhinged from reality. And I'm not sold on the "psyops" theory...  
   But! Despair does no one any good. Donate. Volunteer. Vote. We're fighting for the future of the country. Four years of Trump presents us with certain obvious challenges. Four years of rule by the newly-insane Democrats may not be survivable. Hold fast, as they say, and fight the good--or at least the less-bad--fight.


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