Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Tucker Airs Video That Conclusively Proves Kyle Rittenhouse Acted In Self-Defense

As if it hadn't already been proven...
Rittenhouse is basically the only person doing what he should have been doing in that whole mess of  a radius of, apparently, several blocks.
This is your blue future: not a single rioter was charged. None of the arsonists was charged. None of the violent felons who attacked Rittenhouse (and others) were charged. None of the vandals destroying people's businesses were charged. The felon who was illegally carrying, shot at Rittenhouse, and said, in effect, that his only regret was not murdering Rittenhouse was not charged.
The only person charged was the good kid who was there out of community spirit, legally carrying, and defending himself from the murderous, leftist mob:
They will not be charged for trying to kill you, but you will be charged for trying to stop them from it.
Here's the link; what a surprise, Blogger won't embed it...


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