Sunday, September 13, 2020

Totalitarian "Anti-"Racism At Cornell

This is utter madness, and the faculty, students and administrators should tell those issuing the demands to go to hell. 
As I've been saying for nearly a decade now: those who claim that this can even possibly remain isolated to universities are clueless. There is no chance of that whatsoever. And it wouldn't matter if it could or would: it's still insane totalitarianism. People at universities, you see, count, too. No one should submit to such lunacy. 
Universities sow the seeds of left-wing insanity. Its tendrils then grow throughout the rest of society--especially its most powerful/influential institutions. Allow this idiocy to spread, and your child will be indoctrinated with it in five years. Of course your child is probably already being indoctrinated with it now. You'll be in for indoctrination at work. Your parents will be getting it in the old-folks' home. Progressive-left madness is already everywhere, and it's getting worse and more widespread by the day.
   The left never stops. It fell off the edge of reason years ago, and it just keeps rocketing leftward on the way down.
   Trump, for all his faults, has taken a rock-solid stand against this, the biggest threat the nation faces. Blue-team attitudes range from lukewarm opposition to feverish commitment to even more radical radicalism. 
   Now is the time for all sane men to come to the aid of Western civilization.


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