Friday, September 18, 2020

The Left's Web Of Lies And Delusions Cannot Be Contained

   You should care that the left has become a web of lies and delusions, and that it subordinates reason to dogma...because truth and reason are important and lies and delusions are bad--not because of any resultant practical problems. 
   However, there will be resultant practical problems...
   We've already seem some of them: police and whites aren't allowed to use force against nonwhites, no matter how obviously justified. Whereas criminal blacks are excused almost no matter what they do. The left apparently doesn't even care about rape anymore--which fits with its general tendency to consistently put women at the bottom of its preferred victim hierarchy...
   In this video, a woman harasses a CVS manager who called the police about black shoplifters. We have allowed the left to spin its myth about police violence against now, having established that premise, they can claim that calling the police on blacks is never permissible because it's always a likely death-sentence. If anyone other than Heather Mac Donald had called bullshit on the original falsehood, these problems could have been avoided...
   Well, actually, pretty much everybody on the right has denied the BLM myth. But nothing the right says is ever capable of penetrating the left's groupthink forcefield.


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