Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Preparing For Post-Election "Unrest"

Maybe one thing we could do:
   Local Dems and Pubs could start planning for cooperative post-election discussion and cooperation if things start looking bad. There's nothing we can do about the media--it's rabidly partisan and has a financial interest in creating and sustaining hysteria, as we saw during the first months of the pandemic. But local, face-to-face interactions are more likely--in my experience--to be reasonable. In a way, it's us against the media. They win if we lose our heads.
   It still won't be easy, of course. As I've made clear, I think the Dems have gone down a very dangerous path. But that doesn't mean they're a lost cause--especially, again, at the ground level. There's bound to be significant anger and irrationality on the red team too. Needless to say. 
   We've got to strive to bring out the better angels of our nature.


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