Tuesday, September 29, 2020

More Depressing Polling News

I guess the propaganda worked.
No surprise.
The debates could well shake things up...but God knows in which direction. Trump's fully capable of blowing it. And, of course, the press will declare Biden the winner and lavish praise on his performance almost regardless of what actually transpires. Our only hope may be for Biden to crap his pants--figuratively or the other way. Progressive panic is probably the only way Trump will get anything approximating favorable MSM reviews.
There's another month for the facts to break through the Progressitarian epistemic forcefield...but they haven't yet...
And I'd bet on at least one coordinated anti-Trump initiative like the Very Fine People hoax, the Losers and Suckers hoax, or Taxgate per week from here on out.
I've more-or-less given up on Durham. No matter how appalling the revelations, Dems' epistemic shields continue to hold. It'd take a massive revelation at this point. And even that might not do it. It'd likely be dismissed as a planned "October Surprise." Which, hell, I'd take over nothing.
I certainly hope I'm wrong, but we may be watching the turning point coalesce. In a decade or two we might actually look back on this as the a major episode in the end of America.
But all we can do is fight hard. Vote, volunteer, contribute...and talk honestly to persuadable voters.
It's not that I'm hoping for this, but our best bet at this point really might be Biden just completely losing it in public.
And there are still the "shy Trump voters." I'd bet a bit on more of them this time--the pressure against supporting Trump is much greater now than in '16. Then violence, character-assassination and career-destruction against Trump-supporters was nascent and hard to believe. Now it's well-established and expected. 
On the bright side, there's likely blue bias in most polls, and some of the internals look good. 
It ain't over 'til it's over.


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