Saturday, September 19, 2020

McCarthy: Systemic Racism? Make Them Prove It

Eh, "make them prove it" doesn't strike quite the right tone.
   Better is: before we can accept what looks like a politico-religious article of faith, we'd need to find proof of this as-yet-ostentatiously-unproven hypothesis. The arguments provided as of yet are patently insufficient to establish it. Group differences can't constitute the proof because (i) it's group differences that are the abductive basis for proposing the hypothesis--so they can't also be used as inductive evidence for confirming the hypothesis; and: (ii) since group differences are the rule rather than the exception, it's not even clear that the hypothesis is legitimate, since it's not clear there's anything to explain. Furthermore (iii) there are actual scientific hypothesis that are better-established and capable of explaining the differences if they do need to be explained--e.g. differences in time-preferences, the scholastic achievement gap, and the Nuclear Hypothesis...


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