Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Lyin' Biden: The Debate

 I've got a big deadline looming, and wasn't able to watch more than a few snippets of the debate. JQ was just down there watching it...I mean...sure, Trump is Trump, with all that entails. But I just wanted to punch Biden in the face. What a lying sack of shit. Basically all he did was lie for the entire 10-15 minutes I watched. Where did he get this bullshit about masks saving 100k people? Who thinks that?
    Anyway. Fortunately it drove me back to my desk. I won't be able to watch that whole thing for another couple of days.

   But one thing I'll say is: MAGA-folk are really raking Chris Wallace over the coals for allegedly favoring Biden. But in the part I saw, he was doing a good job. 


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