Sunday, September 06, 2020

It's The Left That's Stoking Racial Division


One root of this is political correctness, the left's cultish subordination of facts and reason to dogma. Another is: its control of all the information-disseminating institutions, e.g. the media and academia. The media created the Trayvon Martin hoax, and used this to bootstrap their way up to the general thesis that whites are indiscriminately murdering blacks. Conservatives generally rejected the hoax...but little penetrates the progressive echo chamber from the outside--the media helps see to that. Then came the Michael Brown hoax, which was used to establish that cops are indiscriminately murdering blacks. Now George Floyd advances both theses. In each case, the media and progressive activists are quick out of the gate with a progressive hoax. By the time it's refuted, it's too late. Progressives have already been pushed further left, and the ghost of the hoax is never fully exorcised... Universities crank out more and more radical fairytales about "white privilege" and "systemic racism" and "whiteness" being "inherently oppressive"...  Leftists inside the echo-chamber don't raise objections--because they'll suffer character-assassination, excommunication and banishment. And no conservative criticisms are allowed to penetrate its forcefield. Constant brainwashing makes blacks more resentful--and sometimes, as we now see, more violent. It is, perhaps, the only rational response if you believe the fairytales. Constant brainwashing also makes leftist whites (a) capitulate immediately to black demands and (b) ready to do some "ally" violence against non-"ally" whites. 

Progressivism wants a race war, and has been working for it, and is now close to getting it. That doesn't mean all progressives want it. Most don't. But progressivism does. Collectives develop mindlike states--we semi-acknowledge this when, e.g., we talk about groups deliberating. Progressivism has things that are like beliefs and desires and goals. And what it wants now--vaguely, but more and more clearly--is revolution and race war. And there can be no real doubt that it is now rapidly traveling down a trajectory that leads there.

And, finally: it's not clear how to stop it because few on the left will speak the relevant truths--not the truth about Trayvon Martin, nor Michael Brown, nor Black Lives Matter generally. If you believe what progressivism believes about these things--and about "whiteness" and "white privilege" and "systemic racism" and so on...well, violent revolution against the police and whites and the USA simply isn't the craziest idea there's ever been. And as the progressive "narrative" continues to make the cops and whites and America more and more racist and evil, the less crazy violent revolution becomes, and the farther we slide down this catastrophic trajectory.

The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between true and false no longer exists.

—Hannah Arendt


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