Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Is The Deep State Using The "Color Revolution" Playbook Against Trump?

Needless to say, the MSM dismisses the idea as a "conspiracy theory." And, I mean, it's hard to blame them. Like Russiagate (which the MSM helped create) and Russiagategate (which the MSM works overtime to suppress), it is a theory about a conspiracy... Oh, wait... In each of those cases, there was/is a left-wing/Democrat conspiracy against Trump...
Beattie made an interesting case in just five minutes on Carlson's show. He claims that the same people who foment the color revolutions abroad--especially one Norm Eisen--using the same playbook--actually titled The Color Revolution Playbook--are fomenting what is, in effect, a color revolution (The black revolution? Y'know...after Pantyfa fashion...what'd you think I meant?) in the USA against Trump.
Sounds pretty crazy to me...but Russiagate/Russiagategate sounded crazy to me, too...
Incidentally, how's the coverage of Russiagategate going over at the WaPo and NUT? I meant: NYT, of course... Pretty extensive and objective? Or what?


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